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    Sport with comfort, style and personality. DUPLA A brand with dual function and personality. DUPLA Fullness at any time of our day. DUPLA Sustainable and ethically responsible fashion. DUPLA

    from day to night

    Client Service

    We are available all day, by phone or email, to clear all your doubts.

    Fast delivery

    Your order will be shipped in 2 business days after purchase.

    Showroom Pick-up

    In case it is more convenient, you can collect your order in our showroom.

    Elegant, practical, and intense

    A brand created and developed in Portugal

    Dupla's first collection was created to get as close as possible to their clients. Those who are reborn day after day, knowing that tomorrow the sun will rise again, and who see the night as a precious, useful time, not only of transition but of preparation and renewal. The ``Reborn`` collection is inspired by a Dupla of energies and guides, the sun and the moon.

    Focus on sustainability

    Unique pieces that combine comfort with design

    Our first collection was created based on extensive market and industry research, with the help of very talented people who devoted much time to this project.


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